Folk Tales
Myths Legends
folklore & mythical stories. Myth
Sorcerers, wicked witches & wizards,
casting evil spells powers of sorcery
wands of magic Mystery & imagination
stories of Kings, Queens & Princess.
Arthur pendragon, Merlin Magician
born of mystery pagan magic & spells,
Medieval knights dungeons Castles
Camelot & Fogmoor. Enchanted forest
Haunted ghostly woods magical powers.
Folklore Robin Hood & Marian mythical
romantic stories. Dragons creatures of
Horror Vampires Werewolves walk at
night mythical stories.

Fairy Tales
Once upon a time in a land far far
away story book tales of Snow White
wicked stepmothers in fairy tales.
Land of Magic battles between good
over evil beware of the wolf. Knight
rescues Beautiful young Princess
from Wicked Witch, evil Queen Snow
White book to film huntsman winter
wars. Little Red Riding Hood young
girl traditional Folk Tales fairy tales
by brothers Grimm’s 1812 Fairies
fairy kisses, fairy-godmothers.
Stories of fictional characters set in
magical lands villages, castles or
magic woods

Warrior Queens
Legends of Warrior Queen long long
ago in ancient times World of Magic
& Fantasy Queens, princesses.
Female Warriors women warriors
fought & led troops into battle.
Warriors in History Boudicca, Joan
of Arc Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I,
Isabella of Spain, Rani of Jhansi,
Queen Jinga of Angola & Cleopatra.

images Girls dressed in costume of
Female Characters of legend story
books and films. Myths Legends
promote products .

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